The development includes preparation of a construction project for the “Construction of an operating block with a central sterilization room”, which is functionally connected to the main building of the hospital through a connector on the ground floor and first floor.

In addition to the construction of the operating block, the project also included, among others:

  • Construction of a new oxygen plant building
  • Reconstruction of the existing operating block into a Rehabilitation Centre
  • Modernization and reconstruction of the neurological, stroke, cardiological, surgical and internal medicine wards
  • Adaptation of rooms with reconstruction after the Laboratory Diagnostics Department into rooms of the Diagnostic Imaging Department
  • Adaptation of rooms with reconstruction into rooms for hospital clinics
  • Designing the necessary technical infrastructure along with land development to the extent necessary for the proper implementation of tasks,

Location: Starogard Gdanski
Built-up area: 1,238 m2
Usable area: 2,933 m2