A two-stage architectural competition for the concept of a new complex of the Podkarpackie Children’s Health Centre at the Clinical Provincial HospitalNo. 2 of St. Queen Jadwiga in Rzeszow.

While shaping the form of the building, the key hospital units were centralized, making up the so-called “hot platform”, i.e.: Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, Children’s Operating Block, Children’s Intensive Care Unit, Children’s Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Department and Central Sterilization in the immediate vicinity of the existing hospital buildings, connecting them with vertical communication with the airstrip and connectors with individual bed wards. Two compact blocks intended for hospitalized patients (western and central) have been spatially separated from the block of outpatients (eastern).

Net area: 33,471.67 m2
Number of above-ground storeys: 4-5
Number of underground floors: 1