Laboratory Building:

Guided by the inspiring history and achievements of the Selvita Company, we designed the new laboratory building to express the lightness, modernity, and close connection to the research and development function characteristic of its activities. The Selvita building, designed in the form of a cuboid, stands out above all for its innovative composition. In turn, we added a decorative layer of glazing in exposed areas, on the eastern, northern, and parts of the southern facades. This so-called “second skin” of the facade, with its characteristic form of hexagon field layout, relates to the function of the laboratory in the best possible way and gives the building a unique expression.

Project: 2020
Usable area: 7754.09 m2
Total area: 10265.53 m2
Number of floors above ground: 4
Number of underground floors: 1

Reagent warehouse:

The reagent warehouse, complementing the function of the main building, presents itself as a free-standing single-story structure with a cuboidal body. Located in the northern part of the plot, behind the main building, we carefully designed the warehouse to blend harmoniously with its surroundings.

Usable area: 194.53 m2
Built-up area: 230,70 m2
Number of floors above ground: 1
Number of underground floors: underground tanks under the building
Net area: 395.12 m2