Last year,

  • our team has grown up by two employee
  • we have achived two distinctions in contests organised by Stowarzyszenie Architektów Rzeczpospolitej Polski (Contest of making concept of architectional extension and adaptation of Orthopedics-Rehabilitation Clinical Hospital of the name Wiktora Degi – co-designed with “Industria Project” and Concept for devising urban-architect desing named „Construction of new Clinical Building including Operating Area to eke complexity of health oncology benefits persued by National Oncology Discovery Institute of the name Marii Skłodowskiej Curie in Gliwice.
  • we took part in preparation medical technology project for objects of summary usable area over 165 000 m2
  • we have devised laboratory technology designs for discovery area of summary usable area over 9700 m2
  • we made 17 new health care designs which were situated in 3 different countries and 14 different cities
  • we serviced Clients from Poland, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Ukraine and Switzerland
  • we serviced 4 different architect offices
  • we were lecturers on 3 webinars devoted to issues related to designing modern health care buildings

The health care facilities we designed in 2021 include:

  • 56 Operating Rooms (including 10 hybrid)
  • 10 Labor Rooms
  • 9 Rentgen Rooms
  • 9 Computer Tomography Rooms
  • 7 Magnetic Resonance Rooms
  • 13 Endoskopy Offices

During free time our employee and sponsored by us competitor took part in 11 long distance runs, during which he broke his Personal Best in 5000m with time of 14:55.78

Thank you our Clients for Your trust:

Industria Project, Heinle Wischer und Partner Architekci, Medusagroup, Budimex, Budomal, PORR, Warbud, Alvo Medical, APP Projekt, DA Glass, Fibrain, Halton Oy, Maxto ITS, Mindray, Medinet, Promed, Siemens Healthiners, Wudimeks

Thank you our Partners

Industria Project, Industria Structure, Industria E+T, Industria MEP, Industria Aluminium, Alsal, DA Glass, EPConstruction, Fibrain, Mar-four, Pro – Familia Speciality Hospital located in Rzeszów.